Cooking for family and friends is supposed to be a rewarding experience but sometimes the recipe, time constraint, and even the cookware you use could make it a frustrating and disappointing task instead. The Ninja Cooking System promises to bring your cooking experience into a different level though. If it is worth a shot, you will find out once you’re done reading its upsides and downsides, plus a few feedback from actual users.

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What Is It?

Promising to make delicious and healthier meals easier and faster all in one pot, this kitchen appliance is a revolutionary cooking device employing the same advanced technology that finest restaurants use. It provides four new time-saving ways including the one-pot meal making, steam infused roasting, searing and slow cooking, and steam baking.

How Is It Different?

The device can sear and slow cook all in the same appliance using the stovetop functions, then slow cook function with less mess. With a stovetop and slow cooker in one, it allows you to reduce sauces after slow cooking and reheat food as well. Additionally, it lets you to keep all the delicious flavors during the searing process without stripping your food of nutrients.

How Does It Work?

The device cooks food using Triple Fusion Heat Technology or layered meal cooking. The process incorporates the contact heat from the bottom of the pot, direct heat from the sides, and the super heated steam.

The one-pot meal making is the quickest way to cook food as it allows you to create sumptuous family meals within 30 minutes. If traditional way of cooking spaghetti requires multiple pots and pans, you can simply put all the ingredients at once into Ninja’s pot including frozen meatballs without the need to defrost and in 30 minutes, you are ready to serve. Cooking pasta dishes using this cookware do not require preheat or draining.


  • Multi-functional. It replaces several kitchen appliances as it can be used as a stove-top, oven, steamer, and slow cooker.
  • Time-saving. It cooks up to 50% faster than traditional cooking appliances so it is great for moms or busy individuals who do not have much time for preparing food.
  • Healthier foods. The triple fusion heat technology allows you to cook healthier foods as it reduces the amount of fats in your meals.
  • Easy to maintain. The appliance has a non-stick surface which is very easy to clean. You can put the pot into the dishwasher but everything else has to be hand-cleaned.


  • Size. It is quite a big unit but then you will no longer need multiple pots and pans and it is also lightweight – the entire unit is only about six pounds.
  • No buzzer. The unit is equipped with a timer but it does not make any sound when the timer runs out. The power will automatically shut off after 60 seconds.
  • Exterior can get very hot. Be careful not to bump into it as the exterior of the unit can get very hot when in use.
  • Cleaning. Not all parts are dishwasher safe. The lid and rack should only be hand washed in warm sudsy water. Scouring pads or abrasive cleaners should also not be used for cleaning.
  • Cooking adjustments. You may need to amend some of your recipes as it is not your ordinary cookware, even cooking time will be adjusted.

Real User Reviews

Gathered here are a few excerpts taken from other Ninja Cooking System reviews. The following comments essentially describe the majority’s opinion on the product.

Is it worth the money?

Does It Really Work?

It is clear based on most reviews that this cooking system actually works. Many are pleased that it can truly cut your time in the kitchen by half and cleaning up after dinner could not be any easier. Users agree that it will change the way you cook your meals for the better. Being able to bake, steam, roast, and slow-cook using just the same unit makes it a favored cooking device although the system does not work the same way you are accustomed. Another multifunctional cooking device is reviewed in this site, for your easy reference check our Nuwave PIC review.

The Best Place To Buy

Nowhere else can you get the best available deal on this product but from the official website where your purchase shall also include bonuses such as the Ninja roasting rack, multi-purpose pan, Ninja silicone trivet, mitt set, warmer, and a cookbook. Your order also comes with a VIP service, 5-year guarantee which you will not get anywhere else. What’s more, when you buy from the official site, you can be sure that your purchase is protected by its 60-day money-back guarantee.

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