Best Portable Induction Cooktop: The Big Five

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Rank No. 1 Nuwave PIC

By far the most popular portable induction cooktop on the market today is Nuwave PIC. It has precise temperature control, 52 temperature settings in 10-degree increments, advanced safety features, and programmable memory up to 100 hours that no other induction cooktop can boast of. Its ergonomic design is unlike any other, ensuring that it won’t take too much space on your counter or wherever you intend to place it. It is elegant looking and has 50% less sound emissions than other cooktops. This all-in-one cooking solution can be your timed rice cooker, temperature controlled deep fryer, indoor or outdoor portable grill, programmable slow cooker, and festive fondue maker.

Reviews show that its design, features, and efficiency make it a huge hit among users. It is time, energy, and cost efficient. The unit is also very easy to clean up. To learn more about this induction cooktop, read our full Nuwave PIC review.

Side-by-Side Comparison

Nuwave PICDuxtop 1800Max Burton 6200Berghoff Single
Touch Screen
Fissler Cookstar
Induction Pro
Temp Range
& Settings
100 - 575 ; 52
140 - 460 ; 10
140 - 450; 10
150 - 450; 10
140 - 465; 9
Dimension &
14.4 x 15.9 x 6.3
7 pounds
11.4 x 13 x 2.5
5 pounds
14 x 12-5/8 x 2-1/2
9 pounds
17.5 x 14 x 12
6.8 pounds
14 x 11 x 3
5 pounds
User Ratings
Where to Buy


Nuwave PIC’s features, efficiency, and user ratings obviously outdo the competitors although price-wise Duxtop 1800 is the one to beat. It is important to note that all these induction cooktops require induction-ready cookware which means you will also have to invest in new pots or pans. If you are to buy the Nuwave PIC from its official site, though, you can take advantage of its bonuses which include induction ready cookware.

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