Flex Seal Review: Does It Really Work?

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What begins as a little leak can eventually cause a huge damage to your home if not addressed properly. Promising to be an easy and fast way to stop leaks, Flex Seal has become a very popular name in the media and in American households with its infomercial involving fixing a bottom of a boat. Here we’ll separate the hype from plain truth including the product’s strengths and weaknesses, plus real user reviews which you can find on page 2.

What Is Flex Seal?

Designed as a quick fix for leaks, Flex Seal is a liquid rubber sealant that apparently penetrates cracks and holes, and dries to a watertight, paintable, and long-lasting rubberized coating. It supposedly does not peel, sag, or crack once it dries. The product is intended to be handy and economical means to stop leaks quickly. Made in the United States, Flex Seal products include Flex Seal original, Flex Seal Brite, and Flex Seal Clear. Although all have the same sealing power and benefits and can be painted on after it dries, Flex Seal Brite is made especially for light-colored surfaces.

This special sealant is used for gutters, roofs, window trims, pipes, chimneys, cement driveways, fountains, RVs and campers, A/C drip pans, and duct work among many others.

How Does It Work?

The sealant comes in a thick, mastic rubberize coating that sprays out as liquid. It is very easy to use since you simply spray it to cover the leak and it will fill into any holes preventing liquid from seeping out of the sealed surface.

It is recommended to follow the instructions that come with it so you have to shake the can for at least a minute prior to using the product. Spray the surface in an even sweeping motion from a distance of 14 inches and apply several coats instead of just one thick application. If needed, you can spray some more, occasionally shaking the can throughout application and let it dry again. To ensure that it stays good inside the can, store the product in an area over 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

One large can of Flex Seal is intended for 2 to 8 square feet area while the jumbo can cover up to 12 square feet. That would of course, depend on the thickness of coat you need for the job. The treatment will dry usually in just 2 to 3 hours, again depending on the amount you have applied, and then it will completely cure in 24 hours.


  • Ease of use. You simply need to spray it on any surface and the formula will quickly seep into the cracks to make a perfect seal.
  • Paintable. While a black liquid emits when you spray it on the surface, you can paint on it using your desired color as soon as the treatment dries.
  • Versatile. The product can be applied virtually on any surface covering leaks on roofs, pipes, and gutters among others. It can also be used on wet areas, although for best results, it is recommended to clean the surface dry so it can adhere better and can quickly dry.
  • Durable. It is weather resistant and can endure either high or low temperatures and can last a long, long time. It will not sag or drip during summertime.


  • May need to apply several coatings for larger cracks.

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