Paint Zoom Review: Does It Really Work?

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Advertised as the ultimate professional painting machine, the makers of Paint Zoom promises to provide you fast, easy, powerful, and no-mess means of completing your painting jobs, not to mention professional results. The question is, does it really deliver? The answer is revealed here along with other facts both good and bad, as well as real user reviews.

What Is Paint Zoom?

It is an advanced power paint sprayer which offers a one-stop solution for all your painting requirements. It supposedly makes professional paint jobs a convenient endeavor for anyone. That means even with the advanced features and technology, the device is easy to use that virtually anyone is able to operate it.

The device can be used apparently on any surface whether indoors or outdoors. You can use it with any type of paint be it stain or varnish to paint doors, flat walls, ceilings, paneling, concrete, wood, brick, and just about anything.

How Does It Work?

The device gives you total control over the amount of paint that comes out from the nozzle. It has a three-way direct dial sprayhead allowing you to spray in circular, horizontal motion, or vertical motion. Unlike traditional painting with the use of brushes or rollers, working with Paint Zoom involves no drips or errors. It allows you to evenly distribute paint over various surfaces and reach corners and angles so you can easily cover even the trickiest objects such as window shutters, crown moldings, louvered doors, and so on. What would usually take a day or more using paintbrushes or rollers can be completed more rapidly with better and professional-looking results with less paint wastage.


  • Time-efficient. Not only does it cut your painting time in half but cleaning up afterwards can be done in no time at all since the spray does not drip or stain the floor.
  • Cost-efficient. Since it lets you use 50% less paint, allows one coat coverage, and gives you total control over the volume of paint to use, your paint cost is remarkably reduced. You also do not need to pay for labor as you can accomplish the job yourself.
  • Professional finish. If you read the instruction manual prior to using the device, you will have a better idea on how to achieve professional results. Although operating the device is apparently easy as advertised, surface and job preparation, and knowing how to spray properly will make a huge difference. The instruction manual also includes techniques to help you get the job done as it should be.
  • Portable. The unit sports a lightweight and compact design making it easy for anyone to use it whether indoors or outdoors. You can easily carry it and move from room to room when working.
  • Precision tool. With the three-way direct dial spray head, you can direct it to whatever direction you desire to go, allowing you to easily paint difficult to reach spots areas.


  • Noise. Although it is compact and handy, its motor is very powerful which naturally generates a loud noise.
  • Requires more refills. The container size is ideal for smaller projects so you will need to refill quite a few times if you are to paint a large area.
  • Requires practice. It may be very easy to operate but to get professional results make sure to read the instruction manual or video tutorials for techniques and tips.

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